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The Scary Sounds of Summer

With summer we get lots of different sounds and noises such as birds chirping, kids laughing and playing and ice cream trucks passing by. While all these are good, happy tones for us, there are also the terrifying noises of thunder and/or fireworks.

With the hot and humid days of summer, thunder storms are often a strong possibility. While this may be a pleasant relief from the heat for us, for a large number of our four legged fur babies it can be a terrifying time.

And it’s not just storms that have a profound effect on our pets, but fireworks also cause fear and anxiety to a great extent.

The July 1st holiday weekend was very hard for a number of pups with the loud and unpredictable “Bang” of fireworks being set off in backyards and parks. And the Labour Day weekend will soon be upon us and it will start all over again.

Not all dogs are afraid of hearing loud claps of thunder but many are and, as pet owners, we want to help our beloved fur babies get through the trauma.

There are a number of things that we can do to help ease the anxiety a dog feels during a storm or when fireworks are going off. If I know there is a storm approaching, I give my pup Rescue Remedy which helps to reduce his anxiety so he isn’t trembling uncontrollably. You can also put a Thunder Shirt on your pup which has proven to help ease a pup’s distress and anxiety to a great extent. There are also other products on the market which you can use, such as “Calming Chews” or CBD oils.

Some pups’ fear of loud claps of thunder and fireworks may be worse than others. If you know a storm is approaching, or fireworks will be going off at dusk, take your pup for a good walk well in advance of things. Once home, you can move with him to a quiet area of your home, such as a basement. It’s often helpful to have music playing, windows closed and curtains drawn, all of which will lessen the sounds outside your home.

Giving your pup a favourite toy or playing games with him will also help to distract him from loud noises outside, and will keep him more comfortable.

Always be careful and aware during any storm, or when you expect to hear fireworks, as pups will often try to escape or hide to get away from the noise. If you’re not expecting anything and a firecracker is set off, your pup is quite likely to bolt to escape the noise. Make sure your pup is always on leash or behind closed doors, including a locked “Doggy Door”, or in a fully fenced and secure yard.

If your pup is barking or whining because of his fear of the noises, try to remain calm and patient and don’t yell or scold your pup for his behaviour. Instead, try to comfort him but don’t get to the point of doting on him as he may sense that you are feeling his stress.

So while the sounds of summer are for the most part happy and cheerful, be wary of the loud, scary sounds that will stress your best friend.


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