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While this is an exciting time in our lives, it’s also very stressful, not just for us, but for all those furry friends we have.

If you are getting ready to put your home on the market, the first thing you should consider is that not everyone is an animal lover. This means that you should do a very thorough cleaning of your home or, alternatively, have a professional team come in.

Living with our pets on a daily basis we tend not to notice certain odors in the home, or scratches on doors or baseboards, or stains on rugs from little “accidents” our pets have had. But a potential buyer, especially one that doesn’t own a pet, will certainly notice these things right away and may have second thoughts.

You would also be wise to have your pets stay with a friend or relative, or arrange for a kennel stay, until your home is ready for viewings or an open house. Not only is it easier to keep your home looking pristine and smelling good, but it will also be easier and less stressful on your pets. It will also ensure that your pet stays safe and doesn’t accidently bolt out an open door.

If you have already sold your home and have purchased a new one, be sure that you take your pet to the area several times before you move. This way your furry friend will feel more comfortable in the new area when moving time arrives. If you have a couple of opportunities to go in and inspect the house before the closing date, you may also want to take your pet to let him see the yard, on a leash, at which time you can check if you need to repair or update any fencing or gates before you move in.

On moving day, you should again have your pet stay with a friend or relative, or in a kennel. The last thing you need when moving is to have pets under foot or escaping. You should also update your pet’s license, microchip info, and have new identification tags made and ready to use as soon as you move.

So for all of you who may be moving, be sure your pet stays safe and doesn’t get overly stressed with all that is involved in moving to a new home.


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