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Having Trouble Coping

There has been a lot of talk in the news lately about people basically dumping their pets in large forested areas and the Rouge Park in Scarborough has been a hot spot for such things as of late.

Our domesticated pups are not prepared to, nor are they able to fend for themselves in the wild and, the majority of those left, will definitely not survive.

If you have recently lost your job or have been forced to move and you can’t find suitable accommodations where you can take your pets with you, don’t just abandon your pet. There are many resources out there if you take the time to look and your beloved pet will not have to suffer or die.

One resource you can turn to is the Toronto Humane Society. They provide an “Urgent Care Programme” where they will provide pet owners with the option of placing their pet in a Foster Care home, rather than just abandoning them or having them put down. If you are experiencing financial problems, are undergoing medical treatments, or have been in an abusive relationship where you fear for the safety and well-being of yourself and your pet, this is a good resource. Your pet will be placed in a loving home and given the care, guidance and love he needs until you are able to take your pet back and care for him yourself.

The Toronto Humane Society, with the support of the community and other partnerships, also provides a lower cost for veterinary care and for spaying and neutering of pets. They also offer shelter care and strive to find new homes for pets that have been surrendered. In addition, they have other programs to help with training and behaviour issues.

So, if you have hit a low period in your life and are feeling overwhelmed and burdened with the cost to care for your pet, be sure that it receives the proper care and humane treatment he or she deserves and don’t just “dump” your pet. Besides the various animal shelters around, there are also many Rescue Groups, some breed specific, that can help to care for your pet or find him a new home and ensure that your pet is not left to suffer or die.


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