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Company Coming- Fun or Disaster?

Fall has arrived, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. For those of us who celebrate this special family occasion, it means gathering family and good friends together for a large brunch or dinner to celebrate.

It’s wonderful to be able to once again get together and enjoy a good meal with our loved ones, but will your get-together be one to be remembered for a great time, or a disaster?

If you have properly trained your furry, four legged friends, everything should be fine. This means no jumping up on guests, pawing at them or begging for food at the table. If your pets aren’t able to act in a respectful manner, they should be kept in another room of your home, or alternatively put in their crate.

This is especially important if anyone coming to your home is fearful of dogs, has allergies, or if there are young children running around. Children who are not used to having pets around will not know how to approach or handle them and, if your pets are not used to having children running around and pulling at their tail or chasing them, things could turn nasty very quickly.

Keeping your pets secure in their crates, or in a closed room, will not only give everyoe peace of mind and an opportunity to enjoy the company, but it will also be the safest thing for your furry friends as well. If they are secure, they will not accidently get knocked down or stepped on and, most importantly, will not be able to get hold of some dropped food, or bones that could potentially be harmful to them.

If you have a large circle of family and friends to entertain and you will be doing a lot of food preparation, it would be a wise idea to take your pup to your regular pet sitter or to a kennel that you have been using. Taking your pup away for the day will not only give your little friend a “mini vacation” where he can romp around freely and have some play time with other pups, but it will also make your life a little easier. You will not have to worry about him getting in your way, getting into mischief, or having to walk him when you don’t have the time.

Thanksgiving is just one time when we gather with friends and family, but the same rules should also apply for all your get-togethers even if it’s only a few guests. And, as much as we hate to think about it, Christmas will be here before we know it with another occasion to gather with family and friends. Many people, as well as kennels, who board dogs tend to fill their spaces quickly and well in advance, so plan ahead. Make sure that you have a suitable place to leave your little friend for the day or overnight.

It’s best to be respectful of everyone that comes to your home so it will be a memorable and fun occasion, and not a dreaded event.

Stay safe and enjoy the new season.


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