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Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is just around the corner and, for those of us who enjoy this festive time of year, it’s time to start making our shopping list.

Whether you’re planning on getting a gift for your own four legged furry pup or a friend, relative or neighbour’s pet, do a little homework before you start shopping.

All the gifts you get for a pet should be chosen based on the age, size and activity level of the pup. What you may think is a cute toy may not be at all suitable for certain dogs.

If you’re buying for a young puppy, remember that they are still in the chewing stage and will probably destroy anything they get within a matter of minutes. That being said, be sure that you choose a well-made toy that doesn’t have any eyes or noses that could be chewed off and ingested. You also need to consider whether the toy is stuffed with batting which will be all over the place in short order. Try to go for something that is durable and possibly solid rubber or silicone based that will withstand some rough play and chewing.

When you’re buying for a more mature dog that is active and has a high energy level, you may want to consider a good quality rubber ball that the pet can chase, catch and return. Tennis balls are often given to pups, but they don’t last for a long period of time. If the pup you have in mind does a lot of running and playing, you may also want to consider a Frisbee.

If the pup likes to chew, an antler might be an option. However, antlers should not be given to young pups because they can cause fractured teeth which are painful and small, broken pieces could pose a choking hazard. If you’re looking for a gift for a large breed dog, you may want to consider the Indestructible Egg, which will provide a pup with lots of fun and exercise for a long period of time.

Another option would be to consider getting some treats if you don’t think the pup is into toys. Just be sure that when you purchase treats, you get ones that are a good quality, and preferably are natural with no additives. Opt for treats such as dried beef liver, dried chicken chews or dried beef strips. Always avoid pig ears as they can cause salmonella in your pup. If the pup really enjoys a good chew, try getting a good quality beef knuckle.

If toys or treats do not seem like the right gift for a particular pet, you may want to purchase a night light for the pup. Lights range from small ball like lights that attach to a pets collar, or larger “halo” rings that go around the dog’s neck or around his harness. Some of these lights are also equipped with a USB connection so they can be charged, which is better than replacing batteries on a regular basis.

A Personalized ID Collar is also something you might want to consider. It would have the dog’s name and phone number printed on it or a personalized name tag to be attached to a collar.

Your best bet would be to give the owner a gift card to use at a Pet Smart, Pet Valu, Global or Ren’s Pet Depot if you’re not sure of the pup’s likes and dislikes. These stores carry good quality toys, treats and chews for pups.

So be selective, do your homework, and the pup you are gifting to will be a happy camper and I’m sure there will be lots of wagging tails.

Enjoy the season and best wishes to all.


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