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Saying Goodbye

As humans we have a much longer life expectancy than our four legged friends. We may not think about one day losing our best friend but the time will come and sometimes sooner than we think so the present is the best time to start preparing ourselves.

If you have an aging pet you need to speak with your vet and have your dog examined to determine his present and continuing quality of life. You need to know if he is ill, in pain or needs a special diet or medications. If your pet is still relatively active, has a good appetite and seems bright and happy, then enjoy your time together. However, if you begin to see changes in his demeanor and overall well-being, then it’s time for another assessment.

In a lot of cases your aging pet can be treated for a number of age related illnesses with natural and medical products which can give your furry friend a new lease on life. These products can help him manage his joint pain and keep him happy but, unfortunately in today’s world, we also have to consider the monetary cost and to what extent we can continue treatments. This is a very hard decision to make but we must first consider the happiness of our pets and, for their sake, not let them suffer.

Before the inevitable happens, be sure you have lots of pictures and videos of your pet and take a lock of his hair. Some people will make an impression of their dog’s paw, which can easily be done by putting a small amount of non-toxic paint on your pet’s paw and blotting it on to a piece of paper. Spend as much time as you can with your pet. Let him know how much he is loved, take him to his favorite places, give him some special treats or just cuddle on a couch talking or singing softly to him. You should also decide and make arrangements ahead of time as to what you want done with your pet, whether it be a burial or cremation. This should be done before the time comes, as you will not want to deal with such matters when you are grief stricken.

When the time does come your pet will probably tell you and, as hard as it is, love him enough to let him go and be with him till the end. Have everyone who has known or loves your furry friend as you do come and visit and say their goodbyes.

Euthanasia today is completely pain free and peaceful and there are a great number of vets who will come to your home. Have your pet laying with you in a familiar comfortable spot and let him know you are there for him and love him. The vet will first administer an injection to calm your pet and put him in a sleep like state and you can hold him while the final injection is made. As heart breaking as it is, holding and petting him will give you both comfort and you will know you gave him the best life he could have ever hoped for.

Losing our pets is, and always will be, heart breaking and their memories will last a lifetime. Let yourself grieve and treasure the bond you shared with your beloved pet. You may want to get another dog right away, but don’t jump into it too quickly.

As hard as it is, read the “Rainbow Bridge” poem, post pictures, stories and memories and share them with your family and friends. Take the time you need time to mourn and know that your beloved pet is in a better place. Each and every pup is unique and can never be replaced, so honour his memory and, when the time is right, bring another sweet pup into your life to share more good times and make new memories to treasure.

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