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What Will Happen to Me?

Another season has come and gone and as we start putting our summer furniture away, having the furnace checked and getting ready to start spending some cold winter nights indoors with our family and pets, we should give some serious thought to not only our human family but to our pets.

Although you may be healthy and not have any mobility or other health issues now, things can change in a heartbeat. An accident or serious illness can strike at any time, so now is the time when we should look to the future and ask ourselves, “What will happen to my four legged companions if I don’t make it home one day or have to face a terminal illness?”

In today’s world the majority of the population with a family, property and other assets will have made a Will and prepared Powers of Attorney but did you think to make arrangements and monetary provisions for your pets? In many cases, Wills may have been made prior to having a pet in your family, but changes can be made to include the care of your beloved pets when you’re not there. This is even more important in the case of an aging pet where it is harder to find a new home for him. People worry about additional costs which often occur in caring for an older pet with medications and vet bills.

You may want to consider asking another family member, a friend or even your dog walker if they would consider adopting your dog if you were no longer able to care for them. In that situation, you should put your request in writing and set aside adequate monetary compensation, and make sure your wishes are made known to everyone involved. Your dog walker is often the closest person to your furry friend outside of your family. However, if provisions are not made, the dog walker not only loses you as a client and the dog she has come to love, but has also lost a source of income and, without compensation, cannot take on the responsibility of caring for your pet.

So what will happen to your pet when

you’re gone? He may be lucky

enough to have other members of the family to care for him and provide a loving home and keep his routine as normal as possible. On the other hand, he may end up in a shelter looking for another forever home, or in the worst case scenario, be put down because no one will take him. Please take the time to discuss your wishes with your family and friends and make adequate arrangements for your furry pets that provide you with so much unconditional love. They deserve

a good life for the time they are here, so let’s give them some

consideration and be sure they will be properly cared for.

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