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Do Potty Walks Take Forever?

Would you like your dog to do ‘his business’ quicker when you take your furry friend for a walk?

Maybe you’re running late but you need to walk your dog before you leave.

Try this training tip and see if it helps.

Next time you take your dog for a walk, you will decide where your dog will stop, not the other way around. Practise your obedience training using a 6 foot leash and start by having your dog walk beside you and not out in front.

Look for an interesting place to stop, like a telephone pole or fire hydrant, and have your dog sit and stay and don’t forget to praise him for following your command.

Then give him a ‘release’ word, like ok, go or free, so that he can get up and leave your side to go and check out the grass.

While your dog is away from your side, you will stay on the sidewalk and not walk with him. He will have the area bounded by your 6 foot leash to sniff and do his business. He does not need 40 acres. The smaller the

area the quicker he will choose that perfect spot.

Wait for a few minutes and, if your dog doesn’t do his business, bring him back by your side and have him sit. Praise him again for following your command and then move on to another spot of your choosing.

Repeat the routine outlined above until he does his business and be sure to praise him when he does. Trying using a tasty treat as well to reinforce the behaviour.

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