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Benefits of Homemade Dog Treats

You are out shopping and go down the pet food aisle and decide to pick up some treats for your dog – but what was it that got your attention? Was it the fancy packaging or bright colours or a cute puppy on the front of the bag, or a picture of a fancy shaped treat inside that you found appealing to you?

In most cases the products we purchase for our pets are based on eye appeal, our eye appeal, not your dog’s and the appearance of the product and the packaging.

But how many of us take the time to read the ingredients of what is contained inside. Just think about it, would you purchase cereal, prepared food or various snack items for your children without first knowing what is actually contained in the product that they will be ingesting?

When it All Started

For me, it started back in 1994 when I had a dog who, after trial and error and numerous medical tests, I found out that he had an allergy to fowl (chicken, duck, and turkey). So I learned to always read the long list of ingredients contained in each and every bag of food or treats that I bought for him.

In almost every package of treats we purchase, the product will contain artificial flavours and colours amongst numerous other items that only a scientist would be able to identify. So starting with a lot of research, a large bag of whole wheat flour, fresh meats, fruits and vegetables, I started preparing my own food and treats for my dog.

Many of us, when we see some of the good quality treats in specialty stores and pet shops, are hesitant to pay the higher price. We don’t stop to consider that the healthiest, tastiest treats start with fresh foods and simple, honest recipes. No dough risers, no additives and no artificial anything.

Benefits of Homemade Dog Treats

When I or my friend make our dog treats we start with whole wheat flour, fresh eggs, eye of round beef, fresh beef liver, fresh whole chickens, ducks and turkeys, fresh vegetables such as sweet potatoes and organic carrots, and fresh fruits such as blueberries, cranberries and bananas. All the ingredients are cooked without adding any salt, sugar or oils and, when the meats are cooked and the juices drained, the juices are refrigerated until the fat has risen to the top and the fat is then removed.

All of the meats, vegetables and fruits are cut and dried for several hours. The majority of the meat is then put through a food processor before each ingredient is added to the flour mixture to make each flavour of biscuit. We keep a certain amount of the dried meat in pieces which we bag and keep in the freezer for little special treats for our pooches.

When making these tasty and healthy homemade treats for gift giving, they are packaged in approved food container bags and tied with a fancy colour coded ribbon.

Each bag contains a tag containing a full list of all the “natural” ingredients contained in the biscuits as well as instructions for the proper storage of the products.

So the next time you are out and see some homemade treats for sale for your furry friend, don’t just pass them over because of the price.

Stop and look what is actually contained in them and think of the labour involved in the production. It is quite a process, but to me, just like my pup, they are worth every penny.

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