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New Years Resolutions for You and Your Dog

Another year has come and gone and now that the big holiday rush is over and a New Year is about to dawn, it’s time to reflect on our lives and the events of the past year and how we could make the new one better and more memorable.

So as we toast in the New Year let’s think of some resolutions that we should make and try to stick to. First and foremost let’s book an appointment for an annual medical check-up, for both you and your dog. Keeping ourselves and our furry friends healthy is very important and early detection of any disease or other medical problem is the best prevention.

How about taking a look at the scales – have you and your four legged friend gained a few extra pounds indulging in some goodies over the holidays, and maybe have swayed a bit from your daily exercise routines. Remember to measure your dog’s food every time and get the proper food that is tailored to his/her stage in life and you should also follow a heart healthy diet.

This may also be a good time to start thinking of new activities that you and your dog can do together to get you out of the house and exercising. It’s also a great way to bond with your dog and both of you will reap the rewards of healthy physical activity.

Another thing we should consider is having regular dental checks for both you and your dog. Just as we brush our teeth daily, our pets can also benefit from regular brushing of their teeth. Inflamed gums and tartar build up will occur if the teeth are not brushed on a regular basis, which can lead to pain and eventually expensive medical procedures. There are various flavours of dog tooth paste on the market and different types of brushes and one is sure to work for both of you.

There may be days when the weather won’t be favourable for a long walk or play time at the park, so in keeping with your resolutions, let’s try playing indoors with a favorite toy to keep your pet active, or you can brush up on your training which will not only stimulate your dog mentally but will give you the joy of having a well behaved pet. So let’s make and keep some resolutions.

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions you would like to make for you and your dog?

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