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Should I Adopt a Dog as a Family Christmas Gift?

Over the years many people have adopted a puppy or dog at Christmas as a gift for the family or a child or a relative that they think would be very happy to have a pet. But is it really a good idea?

I don’t think the giving of a puppy or dog as a Christmas gift is a good idea. It has been shown looking at the shelters and rescue groups that the majority of these “gifted” dogs are surrendered after the holidays. It may seem like a nice thing, but remember these dogs are meant to be with their family for the rest of their lives. Christmas is a very busy time of the year – entertaining, parties, lots of people coming and going and is the family prepared to take time to look after a new family member?

In most cases the puppy will not be house trained which causes a lot of stress especially when dealing with guests, other visitors and trying to prepare a large family meal. After the initial glow wears off, the puppy will probably be neglected and no one may even think about getting the pup out to do its business. If the pup is not confined there is a chance that the pup could dart out an open door and escape.

It would be best to wrap up a stuffed toy dog and tell the family that this will be a gift. After the holidays are over and things have returned to normal, discuss what breed of dog would be best suited to the family and their life style. Then carefully choose your new family member together and purchase the necessary accessories to keep your new best friend safe, healthy and happy. Don’t be hasty and send another poor soul to a shelter.

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