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Can a Dog Reduce Your Stress?

Are you working in a high profile, stress related job? Do you have high blood pressure and trouble trying to relax when the day comes to an end? Maybe it’s time to sit back and take a deep breath and reflect on your life.

When was the last time you took a stroll through the park or a walk along the boardwalk and watched a beautiful sunset over the water? If it’s been too long ago to remember maybe its time to think about adopting a dog.

Having a dog will get you out of a rut of piled up files and too many emails to count – you can have a companion to romp through the park with or have a game of fetch. And when you get back home you can sit back and relax and have a furry friend to curl up with.

It has been proven that just sitting down petting a dog can significantly reduce your stress level, lower your blood pressure and help you to have a restful sleep at night. You may even find that you will drop a few extra pounds and strengthen your muscles.

Life is short and we should all try and enjoy a happy and healthy life style, and not only will you improve your own well-being, but you can give a dog a happy forever home. And who knows how many new friends you will make.

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