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How to Choose the Right Collar for your Dog

So you have adopted a new dog and your new pup is going to need daily walks – exercise is very important. We need to purchase a new collar and leash for your dog that will benefit both of you, but where do you begin?

The majority of people who are new dog owners will probably go to their local Walmart store and just pick something that appeals to them – a pretty colour or fancy design or sparkles. This doesn’t work. You need to get the proper collar for your dog.

If you don’t have a trainer or another knowledgeable person to speak to, you should go to a pet store such as Pet Valu who have staff experienced with the different types of collars available. Take your dog with you so you can ensure that the collar you choose is the right type for your dog and will fit properly. If your collar is too small your dog will be very uncomfortable and not want to go out walking. If the collar is too loose there is a very good chance that your dog will slip out of it and get away.

So what do you choose – if you have a “toy” type of dog a small flat collar will probably suffice or alternatively a small harness. If you have a small dog who may be a puller you would be best to go with a Martingale collar which will aid in training your dog to heel properly and will also give you a little more control. If you have a large breed dog you would be best suited to have him/her properly fitted with a prong collar and be sure the sales person is able to show you the proper way to use this type of collar. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then you may consider a good quality harness to give you control in handling your dog or alternatively a Gentle Leader.

Whatever you choose, be sure you get a well made and good quality collar and leash and remember if you choose leather, keep it out of reach of your dog – dogs love leather.

We’d love to hear from you! What type of collar is your dog wearing? share in the comments below.

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