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Have you ever had a kitten trapped under your deck?

This is a story from my neighbour.

The kitten was under the deck for 3 days before it starting meowing. We knew something was under there because our dog was going nuts.

By the third day we heard the meowing so we decided to dig a hole under the deck and place a crate near the opening.

We managed to draw it out with pieces of chicken, through the hole we dug. My daughter was able to grab it but got bitten and scratched and the kitten ran back under the deck. It took another 3 days before we were able to coach it out again. We baited it with little morsels of salmon, tuna and sardines, creating a trail to the crate. We had the crate rigged with a pulley system and weighted inside with a rock, where we also had a plate of fresh, smelly salmon waiting. We waited for hours, hidden behind the barbeque, holding the rope. When it finally got hungry enough, it went into the crate. Once the tail cleared the door, we pulled the rope and slammed the door shut. The kitten is now in quarantine for 10 days with The City of Hamilton Animal Services because it broke skin and drew blood when it bit my daughter. They are testing it for disease and doing an assessment on it to see if it can be put up for adoption. If they find it’s not fit for a family, they have an option of placing it at a farm as a mouser*. And we’re finally sleeping at night.

*a cat that is used to control mice

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