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The Story of Stubs and Crystal

Stubs and Crystal were found at 1 day old under a truck in Mexico along with their siblings. They were taken to Isla Animals with their mother, who has since passed on.

Almost Home Animal Rescue Team (A.H.A.R.T) in Binbrook stepped in and found Stubs a home with the Kelsey/Martins family when he was 4 months old. Crystal was the last one of Momma Mack’s puppies to be adopted and she came from Mexico at 1 year old. These two mexi-mutts were reunited and have since built an amazing friendship. Despite their genes, these two dogs couldn’t be more different. Stubs is more aggressive and outgoing and Crystal is very timid and shy.

Sherri Martins contacted Wendy at Integrated K9 Services in search of help to discipline her family dogs, as well as “training” for her husband Jason, daughter Alexis and herself. The mexi-mutts lacked basic manners and obedience and were not very social. Their progression in the basic obedience program was very quick and the trainers were completely accommodating to the “issues” that these dogs have.

By the end of the course, Crystal was enjoying the great outdoors more than she ever had. She now also loves car rides and is getting better with people being around her. Stubs stole the show and is a very smart dog and a quick learner. They still have a ways to go, but both dogs have benefited so much from their time with Wendy.

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