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Congratulations, you are a proud dog owner! Now what?

Congratulations, you are a proud dog owner! You spent a lot of time making sure you found the right dog for your family. You picked up a collar and leash, toys, dog food and found a local Veterinarian. Vaccinations are all in check and your dog is in perfect health. All is good…or so it seems.

After a couple of weeks, you notice the kids always seem to have homework when the dog needs to go for a walk, you notice dog hair on the sofa, chew marks on the table legs, some interesting coffee stains on the carpet that you don’t remember spilling. You’re exhausted every time the dog takes “you” for a walk and he barks at every dog he sees. You think to yourself “what have I gotten myself into?”

Take a deep breath…it’s ok. Most dog owners go through the exact same thing. You are not alone. It’s very possible that your dog may be in need of some basic obedience training.

Here are some tips when choosing a dog trainer:

  • How much experience do they have?

  • Where did they learn to become a trainer?

  • What is their training philosophy and method?

  • Do they recommend using a crate?

  • Do they offer private and group lessons?

  • Can family attend the training lessons?

  • Do they offer convenient days and times for lesson?

  • Will they let you observe a live class in session before you register with them?

  • Will the trainer do a meet and greet with your dog first and make recommendations on a training program that is suitable for you, your family and for your dog?

  • How large are the classes?

Making a decision on who you’ll choose for dog training should be just as important as the Veterinarian that you choose. So you hop onto Google and start your research, but how can you make a choice by just reading words on a website and seeing some pretty pictures on a blog? It’s a good idea to speak with a few trainers and find one that you are comfortable with.

Click here to request a free personal assessment from one of our trainers at Integrated K9 and start the journey to a more balanced and obedient dog.

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