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Is your Dog going to the bathroom in the house?

It’s important to take your dog for walks several times a day and praise them when they relieve themselves during those walks.

Most of the time when dogs have accidents in the house it’s because someone is not paying attention to the dog’s needs. When your dog does have an accident, do not scold your dog. Simply clean it up and say nothing. If you yell or hit your dog, they will not want to relieve themselves in front of you during walks for fear of being hit or yelled at.

When you have a puppy, it’s a good idea to use a crate to housebreak your dog and take them out every hour or so. As they get older you can reduce the number of times you take them for walks as they will be able to control themselves for longer periods. You can also limit your puppy’s access to water about two hours before going in their crate at night.

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