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Does Your Dog Come When Called?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “what do I do when my dog will not come when called?”

You can teach your dog to come when you call him by using the same method you would use to teach your dog any other obedience command, by having him on a leash. This allows you to control your dog and correct him if he doesn’t respond the first time you call him.

Over time, your dog will learn to come to you because he knows there is a consequence for not coming. His reward for responding to your “come” command can initially be a small, tasty treat which you can wean him off of later.

You can also use the sound of your voice and a toy to encourage your dog to come to you and then praise him by physically touching him. Since the come command is such an important command, you should practice it on leash over several weeks or months until your dog consistently comes to you.

If you still encounter problems with your dog, contact us for a assessment where one of the Integrated K9 dog trainers will be able to meet you and your dog and make some additional suggestions.

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