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Does your dog take you for a walk by dragging you down the street?

Do you get frustrated when trying to take your dog for a walk? He pulls you down the street or you come home with a sore shoulder? you are not alone…this is a common problem for most dog owners.

When you walk your dog, they should be beside you, not walking ahead of you. If you allow your dog to walk ahead of you, your dog is taking you for a walk and this can become a safety issue as well as a health issue for you, ie. you can injure your arm or shoulder. You can train your dog to walk beside you by using a training collar and a leash with an extra handle which gives you more leverage when your dog tries to pull. In addition, you can use a series of obedience commands that will help your dog to focus on you instead of pulling.

For more information on the training collar and special leash, email Wendy Maeots or phone at 905-977-2362.

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