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Moving with Your Dog

Summer is here and school is out and many of us may be thinking of or are already planning a move to a new home. Moving is always a big event for everyone, including your pets, and can be very stressful and disruptive. So take a deep breath and a break from packing and think of what we should do to make the transition to a new home as easy and stress free as possible. If your move takes you to another city or a great distance from your current residence, make sure you can find a vet in your new area and ask people for references. Make sure your pet is up to date with vaccinations and arrange to have your pet’s records transferred to the new location. You should also update your pet’s ident

Does Your Dog Have Any Bad Habits?

A friend told me this week about a dog that was going to be surrendered to the SPCA because he had the bad habit of urinating in the house. This is obviously an annoying habit but one that can be controlled with some time and patience. Sometimes the habits that our dogs develop are not their own fault and making slight modifications to our routines or schedules can help to improve some of these issues. Here are a few annoying habits you may be experiencing with your dog and some tips to help improve them. Begging at the table When this happens, try feeding your dog in his crate or in a room with a gate at the door. You can also give him a chew toy and turn a radio on to distract him whil

The Raccoon Problem in Hamilton

You have probably heard a lot of stories in the media lately about the raccoon problem in Hamilton. The Hamilton Public Health Department reports that 48 raccoons and 24 skunks have tested positive for rabies. Your chances of encountering a raccoon or skunk are higher now that spring is here. You are advised to stay away from raccoons, skunks, other wildlife and unknown dogs and cats even though the overall risk to the general public is low. No matter what part of the country you live in, wild animals pose a serious risk to dogs and other domesticated animals. Raccoons and skunks may attack if they believe your dog is threatening them or encroaching on their territory. So how do you keep you

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Taking Your Dog to a Dog Park

No matter what type of dog you have, they all need exercise. Unfortunately, most of us have busy lives and don’t always have the time or opportunity to walk our dogs as often as we would like. As a result, some people either let their dogs out in the back yard or take their dogs to a local dog park. My dog, Toby, is almost 13 years old and the only time I ever took him to a dog park was to practise obedience training—specifically recalls or come when called on a long leash. While I don’t have a lot of personal experience with dog parks, I have heard some disturbing stories from other people. Ideally, dog parks were intended to be places where people could take their dogs to get some exercise

Fostering a Rescue Dog

Do you know someone who adopted a rescue dog? If so, they may have told you that before they adopted their new family member, he or she was living with a foster family. When you are looking to adopt a dog, you have a few options as to where to find a dog for your family. You can go to your local SPCA or you can contact a rescue group. There are several to choose from and, by doing some homework, you can find a rescue group that meets your needs. Most rescue groups are not-for-profit, volunteer based and depend on donations to continue operating. They also depend on people who are willing to provide foster homes for the dogs that need to be rehomed. These can be hard to find and are in short

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