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Fun Sports for You and Your Dog

Do you have a high energy dog like a Border Collie or a Jack Russell Terrier? Are you looking to bond with your dog through a fun dog sport that you can do together? Then perhaps you should consider agility. It’s a great way to challenge your dog and build his self-confidence at the same time. Agility training consists of training your dog to navigate through a series of tunnels, hurdle jumps and other obstacles with you beside him. While some agility training is meant to prepare you to compete with other dogs in agility trials, our agility classes at Shadowbrook Kennels are for fun and exercise only. Although agility tra

Does Your Dog Have Allergies?

Meet Toby. He’s our cockapoo. Toby has had allergies since he was about three years old. They started as food allergies and are now environmental as well. His care involves a dog food with a special protein as well as a serum injection every two weeks. Do you suspect your dog may have an allergy? If so, you might have noticed some of the following symptoms: Dry, itchy skin Excessive scratching or licking Hot spots Ear infections Diarrhea Vomiting As mentioned earlier, there are two types of allergies your pet can suffer from: Food Environmental Let’s talk about food allergies first. Food Allergies Ten percent of all aller

Top 8 Reasons Why People Fail at Obedience Training

Every dog owner wants a dog that behaves both at home and away from home. That goal can be accomplished by joining an obedience class and working with a professional trainer. Once classes have started, the real work begins and not everyone is prepared or equipped to do what it takes to have that well behaved dog. Below is a list of some of the reasons why people fail obedience training: They discover how much work it really is to train their dog. Dog training takes time and patience and if you want a well behaved dog you may need to make adjustments in your routine to find time to spend with your dog. Dogs need rules and boundaries and it is up to you to reinforce them. Remember, a dog is

Case Study: Meet Leila

Leila is a two year old female Chihuahua. She found her first home when she was 6 weeks old with a young couple. While they had all the right intentions in the beginning, they found that they were not equipped to provide a stable environment for a dog due to their medical issues. Fortunately for Leila, her owners had another family member who was willing to adopt Leila and provide her with a better life. At first, Leila’s new owner, Brenda, found her to be shy and somewhat fearful in her new environment. This is understandable when you consider her life to this point. She is a healthy little dog but her social skills definitely needed some improvement especially when it came to meeting n

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