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Puppy or Older Dog- Which to Adopt?

Puppies, puppies everywhere and oh so cute, and then you see those longing sad eyes of a senior dog – what’s the best way for you to go when adopting a dog? First, let’s take a look at our station in life. If you are young and just starting out in the world, are on the go a lot, or are very active and want a jogging partner, you will probably want to adopt a young pup. They will be able to keep up with you, interact with your friends and grow with you and your family. But remember, puppies although they are very cute, don’t come with set of instructions. They take a lot of work from “potty” training, to going through the teething period, and learning how to walk properly on a leash and be

Rescue Dogs- Should I Adopt or Not?

We have chatted before about adopting a rescue dog and, although it is a wonderful thing to do and a needy pup may finally get a forever home, we should do our homework before we go out and adopt the first sorrowful pup we see. Before you jump the gun, make sure that you are dealing with a reputable animal shelter or a well-organized and established animal rescue group. There are lots of shelters and rescue groups out there, but not all of them are reliable sources to adopt a pet from. As with any pet, when you and your family decide to adopt, be sure that you are not only financially able to make the commitment to adopt, but that you will also have the time and patience needed to bring a ne

Valentine's Day and Your Dog

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it’s that time when we think of our loved ones – dogs included. But are you keeping your dog safe as well as happy? I’d like to offer some suggestions so that you can enjoy this special day with your loved ones and your dog. We all know that chocolate is very harmful to dogswhen ingested and can cause high heart rhythms among other things. You should also know that baking chocolate is extremely toxic to dogs, so if you are baking for your special someone, be sure the chocolate is well out of reach of your furry friend. And remember the darker the chocolate, the more toxic it is. Another thing we should note is that beautiful bouquet of flowers you may

What Breed is Right for Me?

So you and your family have made the decision that it’s time to bring a pup into your lives. But what is the best fit for you and your family and your life style. Before we rush out to the local animal shelter or start looking on line at all those cute little faces, let’s take some time to really think about why we are adopting a pet and what we are ultimately looking for in our new four legged friend. For an elderly person or couple who may be downsizing and moving into an apartment or condominium perhaps we should first start looking at the small breed or toy dogs, as many condominiums h

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