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Why Retractable Leashes May Not Be the Best Choice for Your Dog

A friend recently commented about a young man walking his puppy on a flexi or retractable leash and how the pup was running all around with no control and up to her and her dog. This time there was no interaction between the dogs and the young man continued on his way. This may not always be the case. Many people seem to think that they are doing their dog a favour by giving him/her the freedom to run about, but on the contrary. Their dog is not learning how to walk properly and is completely out of control. A retractable leash has a button to push to stop the leash from extending and anyone using such a leash should learn how to use it properly. When walking on the street and another person

Should I Adopt a Dog as a Family Christmas Gift?

Over the years many people have adopted a puppy or dog at Christmas as a gift for the family or a child or a relative that they think would be very happy to have a pet. But is it really a good idea? I don’t think the giving of a puppy or dog as a Christmas gift is a good idea. It has been shown looking at the shelters and rescue groups that the majority of these “gifted” dogs are surrendered after the holidays. It may seem like a nice thing, but remember these dogs are meant to be with their family for the rest of their lives. Christmas is a very busy time of the year – entertaining, parties, lots of people coming and going and is the family prepared to take time to look after a new family m

Dogs and Natural Christmas Trees – Are They Safe?

Christmas is fast approaching and we are starting to think about gifts, decorating and above all getting a Christmas tree to decorate for the holidays. But is a natural tree safe when you have a dog in your home. Natural trees are lovely but we must remember that most dogs will instinctively be drawn to the inviting smell of the tree and their natural curiosity could place them at risk. Needles from a Christmas tree are not digestible and could cause illness depending on your dog’s size and how much is ingested. Fir tree oils will irritate the mouth and stomach and cause vomiting. Tree needles can also obstruct or puncture the intestines. Another concern is the water in which the tree sits.

How to Avoid the Dangers of Holiday Decorating if You Have a Dog

As the days become shorter and November is coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking about decorating our homes for the holiday season. Before we begin we should consider our pets and what could be harmful to them. As with children we should carefully watch our dogs near and around Christmas trees and decorations. Tinsel on a tree can be very enticing to a dog and if ingested can lead to very serious health problems and should be avoided. We should also be careful of using glass, aluminum or paper ornaments which could cause mouth lacerations if chewed. Try to place ornaments higher up on your tree and out of reach of curious pups. When wrapping gifts and decorating with ribbons, be sure

Does my Dog Need a Winter Coat or Sweater?

Now that the weather is changing from cool fall days to cold snowy weather, it’s time to think about your dog’s needs for the new season and whether a new wardrobe is warranted. Although most large breed dogs and those with thick coats already have all they need, puppies and older or debilitated dogs are more susceptible to the cold. If a dog shivers and is reluctant to go outside, a sweater can be a good way to acclimate them to the cooler environment and also age and health bring considerations. Heat regulation begins to decline with age, so a sweater can help an older dog or one with arthritis to enjoy his walk. Also dogs such as grey hounds and toy breeds like hairless Chinese Crested

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