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New 6 week Practical Basic Obedience class starting on Thursday, September 10th

Dog owners living in the Greater Hamilton Area, there is a new 6 week Practical Basic Obedience class starting on Thursday, September 10th. Practical Basic Obedience focuses on practical routines that you will need and use every day throughout your dog’s life. Here are a few of the routines that will be covered throughout your training program: • Heeling • Stay • Down • Recall (come when called) You will also learn how to teach your dog to sit automatically and have them respond to you the first time you pitch the command without the use of treats. Family members and visitors are welcome to attend. To get an assessment from Trainer Wendy Maeots, or to sit in and preview a session in prog

Scarlet is Sharing the Love

Hi Wendy. You are the best! Scarlett has been doing so well and she’s easier than ever to walk. Thanks a bunch, Tanya Bavelaar

5 Signs Your Dog is Bored

Here is a list of 5 signs that your dog is bored. -Your dog whines all the time -Your dog follows you around and tries to get your attention -Your dog destroys things in the house -Your dog tries to escape all the time -Your dog starts to bark at everything (people, noises) If you’re dog is bored and you’re at your wits end, give us a call or contact us for some help.

Does your Dog Chase After Bikes or Cars?

When you have a problem with your dog chasing after bikes or cars, always walk your dog on a leash and keep a safe distance from bikes or cars. Try distracting your dog with tasty treats or squeaky toys or change the direction you are walking until the cars or bikes pass by. You can also practice by having a friend ride their bike in front of your dog and give your dog a leash and collar correction before they react. Then praise him when he doesn’t react. Consult an experienced trainer and learn some basic obedience and control techniques if the above suggestions don’t help

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