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Have you ever had a kitten trapped under your deck?

This is a story from my neighbour. The kitten was under the deck for 3 days before it starting meowing. We knew something was under there because our dog was going nuts. By the third day we heard the meowing so we decided to dig a hole under the deck and place a crate near the opening. We managed to draw it out with pieces of chicken, through the hole we dug. My daughter was able to grab it but got bitten and scratched and the kitten ran back under the deck. It took another 3 days before we were able to coach it out again. We baited it with little morsels of salmon, tuna and sardines, creating a trail to the crate. We had the crate rigged with a pulley system and weighted inside with a

Hamilton Spectator 2015 Readers’ Choice Awards.

It’s time once again for nominations for the Hamilton Spectator 2015 Readers’ Choice Awards. If you would like to nominate us, please go to the link below, click on the Business or Services tab and then go to the Dog Training category. You can also nominate Shadowbrook Kennels in the Kennel category. You will notice that Integrated K9 Services and Shadowbrook Kennels are in the Dog Training category. Please nominate Integrated K9 Services as we were not able to have Shadowbrook Kennels removed before the nominations started. Thank you for your support and we will let you know when the voting starts. The deadline for nominations is July 31st. www.readerschoice.thespec.com

Does Your Dog Have Aggression Issues?

Dog aggression can be a difficult behaviour to correct. It takes time and consistent training to overcome and it’s usually a good idea to consult a professional trainer for help. Dogs can become aggressive for a number of reasons and there are different types of aggression. Aggression to people or other pets, food or toy aggression to name a few. Aggressive behaviour should not be ignored as it will only get worse. We normally suggest dealing with aggression in private training sessions and then work up to getting your dog in a group class for more socialization. This allows us to teach you how to handle your dog and gain confidence when dealing with difficult situations. It takes time,

The Story of Stubs and Crystal

Stubs and Crystal were found at 1 day old under a truck in Mexico along with their siblings. They were taken to Isla Animals with their mother, who has since passed on. Almost Home Animal Rescue Team (A.H.A.R.T) in Binbrook stepped in and found Stubs a home with the Kelsey/Martins family when he was 4 months old. Crystal was the last one of Momma Mack’s puppies to be adopted and she came from Mexico at 1 year old. These two mexi-mutts were reunited and have since built an amazing friendship. Despite their genes, these two dogs couldn’t be more different. Stubs is more aggressive and outgoing and Crystal is very timid and shy. Sherri Martins contacted Wendy at Integrated K9 Services in se

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