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The Social Test that Cinnamon Passed!

We received a wonderful email from a client and with her permission, it’s being shared with you. Hello Wendy, I thought of you the other day and all of a sudden everything made sense. Remember when we were in class, and Bob asked you, why the dogs didn’t get to socialize before or during the class? You said, they didn’t have to touch to be social or near each other and that the dogs need to be used to being in a room with other dogs, without having to play with each other. At the time it just didn’t make sense, as it was so difficult to control Cinnamon as she just wanted to play with all the others in the room, canine or human. Well, we took Cinnamon to be spayed and 4 days later we took h

Can You Help Me Stop Chewing?

Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, chewing can be an annoying and expensive behaviour. Using a crate is a good solution to this problem or confine your dog to an area where a gate can be placed in the doorway. You can also try spraying a Bitter Apple type product on furniture or bedding to discourage your dog from chewing. If your dog is chewing shoes or other items of clothing, the most logical solution is to put the items away in a closet. Providing your dog with a variety of products that he can chew is another way to keep your dog’s focus on things that are acceptable for him. Just be sure that the products are age and size appropriate for your dog.

Congratulations, you are a proud dog owner! Now what?

Congratulations, you are a proud dog owner! You spent a lot of time making sure you found the right dog for your family. You picked up a collar and leash, toys, dog food and found a local Veterinarian. Vaccinations are all in check and your dog is in perfect health. All is good…or so it seems. After a couple of weeks, you notice the kids always seem to have homework when the dog needs to go for a walk, you notice dog hair on the sofa, chew marks on the table legs, some interesting coffee stains on the carpet that you don’t remember spilling. You’re exhausted every time the dog takes “you” for a walk and he barks at every dog he sees. You think to yourself “what have I gotten myself into?” Ta

Is your Dog going to the bathroom in the house?

It’s important to take your dog for walks several times a day and praise them when they relieve themselves during those walks. Most of the time when dogs have accidents in the house it’s because someone is not paying attention to the dog’s needs. When your dog does have an accident, do not scold your dog. Simply clean it up and say nothing. If you yell or hit your dog, they will not want to relieve themselves in front of you during walks for fear of being hit or yelled at. When you have a puppy, it’s a good idea to use a crate to housebreak your dog and take them out every hour or so. As they get older you can reduce the number of times you take them for walks as they will be able to control

Dog Barking Getting on Your Nerves?

While a barking dog can be annoying, one way to control this behaviour is with a leash and collar correction. When your dog barks during a walk, give him a correction and tell him “quiet”. As soon as he stops barking, praise him with physical and verbal praise. It is also important to keep your dog moving until you are past the distraction. When your dog barks when you are away from home, it can be annoying to your neighbours. If he has access to a window, it is likely he will bark at something that happens outside. The easiest way to prevent this behaviour is to deny your dog access to the window but putting him in a crate or other confined area in your home.

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