We would like to announce that Integrated K9’s current group and private obedience classes will be finishing the second week of December, 2020 and we will not be offering any new classes before the week of January 11, 2021.  Dates for new group classes will be on our website soon.  Group and private training will continue to be offered at our two Petvalu locations in the New Year in Hamilton and Ancaster and owners will be required to wear masks and practice social distancing while in the stores.  Private at-home training will also be offered when weather permits and an assessment is required before registering for any of our classes.  Please contact Beverley Bardell for private training in the Toronto/Scarborough/Durham area.  In the meantime, take care and stay safe.

At Integrated K9 Services it is our goal to make your life easier.

We are dedicated to helping our clients build a better relationship with their dogs through obedience training. We provide a variety of services and training options to help our clients meet their goals with their dogs. Training takes practise, patience and persistence and other family members need to participate in the training to provide a consistent environment. Our training method offers a balanced approach. We prefer to praise a dog with physical touch and verbal praise for behaviours that we want to maintain and ‘correct’ them with a leash and collar correction for behaviours that we want to modify. This way, the dog learns that there is a consequence for unwanted behaviour and eliminates the need to constantly use food as a reward. Through our contacts we can provide referrals for other experienced trainers in Niagara and Burlington as well as options for boarding your dog.

Training Services

Benefits of Group Training

  • To socialize your dog, interact with other dog owners and discuss issues they are having with their dogs

  • Provides distractions so the owner can learn control techniques

  • Allows you to see how your dog is progressing compared to the other dogs in the class

  • Exposes your dog to a different environment

  • Cost is lower

Benefits of Private Training at Our Locations

  • Owner can schedule lessons to suit their work or family schedules

  • Exposes your dog to a different environment

  • Dogs progress faster as owners are more focused

  • Cost is lower than private in-home training

Benefits of Private In-Home Training

  • Allows people to deal with behaviour issues (i.e. aggression) they are having in their own home and neighbourhood

  • Assists people who do not have cars or are not able to drive

  • Allows us to make suggestions to help with issues such as crate training, housebreaking and feeding

  • Owner can schedule lessons to suit their work or family schedules

Wendy Maeots

Trainer for Hamilton Binbrook

(289) 759-2362

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